Developers of bespoke software for International clients with over 26 years of experience.

From low level Printer drivers, a Game engine to full blown Windows applications, we deliver quality software built to meet the needs of your business and your users. We work closely with you, to create the required software. On-time. On budget. On your terms.

Outstanding projects? We support Product Managers, Technical Directors from small to large companies reach targets by outsourcing to our development team. Daily or fixed term pricing models available. Chat with us now to discuss your requirements.

A few visuals from our development team:

Xcel Label – A .NET, C# based professional, advanced, easy-to-use barcode labeling software application designed to create and print custom labels, and import data from external sources.
A fully path-traced graphics engine – unlimited light sources and one bounce of global illumination.
Rigidbody physics simulation – all objects are dynamic and destructible.
3D spatialized audio  – HRTF available for headphones users.
A fully path-traced graphics engine: Sample 2
Microsoft WHQL certified V4 Printer driver development

Team Experience:

  • C/C++/C#, .NET, MFC, Assembler
  • Windows GDI, Win32, DDI (Device driver Interface)
  • Telerik UI WPF
  • Web Design
  • Language Monitors
  • Port Monitors
  • User Interface Design
  • Windows services
  • Microsoft WHQL testing, including driver/software submission to Windows Update
  • Hot Folders
  • Wireshark, Git, Subversion
  • SQL, MySQL, Oracle